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A Fundraising Event


HEWITT SLUYTER of Springdale, AR is 10 years old, and he’s about to fight cancer this summer. After undergoing a massive surgery to remove a baseball-sized brain tumor in May of 2022, biopsies revealed Hewitt has a rare form of cancer classified as BCOR-altered embryonal malignancy.
This summer will look very different for the Sluyters, who were dreaming up fun bike rides and camping trips. Hewitt won’t be able to ride his bike this summer. The Sluyters will undoubtedly have some financial burdens as they fight cancer, travel, miss work, take care of their other two children, and seek the best medical treatment possible for Hewitt.
So the community came up with the idea of the DO IT FOR HEWITT fundraising campaign to get as much of the cycling community involved as possible to support the family.
In Bentonville, Bella Vista, Rogers, Springdale, and Fayetteville the two main volunteer trail organizations, Trailblazers, OORC, and FAST got together to help the DO IT FOR HEWITT fundraising campaign.
The organizations are encouraging people on all kinds of bicycles, as well as runners, hikers, and walkers to sign up for the Strava-linked Trailcare donation tool and record their activities on the trails – hard and soft-surface – in the region and donate to the two organizations. All the donations collected in this way from June 20th to July 1st, 2022 will go towards the DO IT FOR HEWITT campaign.
To participate and make a contribution go to and follow instructions on how to link your Strava (or any other GPS device) activities, link a credit or debit card, and pledge an amount per mile as a donation to the campaign. Then support the campaign by just doing what you normally would do on the trails and make a donation accordingly. For more information about the campaign go to


  No Registration fee. It’s fun. And all for a good cause. Sign up today!




Between midnight of June, 20th thru midnight July, 1st participants in this fundraiser campaign can ride, run, or walk anywhere within the dedicated areas as displayed in the maps above.

Prizes & Eligibility

Any member of the public can participate and contribute to the DO IT FOR HEWITT campaign fund by using the Trailcare donation tool.

Trailblazers and TAP will be giving away prizes to the Top Donor, for Most Miles ridden, and 5 lucky random people who donate a minimum of $5. Prizes will be from local businesses like Solus, Mojo, and others.

The Top Donor prize is sponsored by Bentonville Bicycle Co. Lots of amazing stuff to get new owners.

One lucky donor will win a full-face Kali helmet sponsored by Mojo Bicycles. All you have to do is sign up at and ride a few miles and donate at least $5!


The event is open to anyone who uses Strava (or any other GPS device synced with Strava) to record their activities and sign up at Trailcare for per-mile donations. All activities will be used by Trailcare to calculate a donation amount for approval by the participant. There are no restrictions on which activities to record or the value of the donations pledged to the DO IT FOR HEWITT campaign.



Please take pictures of your activities, especially if it was fun doing it. Share it on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with any of the hashtags #doitforhewitt #wearetrailblazers #TAP #ozarkoffroadcyclists #OORC #FAST #trailcare #luvtrails #permiledonations or #luvtrailsevents. We might just surprise you with a special reward for doing that from our rewards partners, like Cognative MTB and The Gear Attic.


GPS devices:

You have to link a free, basic Strava account if you don't already have one. Remember, you don't have to record your activities with the Strava app if you don't want to. You can use your favorite non-Strava GPS device to record and just set up the device for automatic syncing with Strava. Every time you complete your ride your device will sync it immediately with Strava and Trailcare will capture the data to calculate a donation. Here is a GUIDE on how to sync your device with Strava.


The Donorboard of participants (below, scroll down) will go live as soon as the DO IT FOR HEWITT fundraising campaign starts at midnight on 6/20/22. If you have not registered at Trailcare and ticked all the boxes (in the setup process) and made your Strava activities public your name will not appear on the Donorboard. Please sign up at to participate in the event. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to make a donation after your ride.

The Donorboard


Top Donors


Most Miles

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