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LuvTrails and Lakeland trail group announce new donations campaign

FORT COLLINS, CO – LuvTrails Inc. and Ridge Riders Mountain Bike Association (RRMBA) of Lakeland, FL have announced a partnership to help to fund the non-profit volunteer group’s activities at Loyce E. Harpe County Park.

Ridge Riders volunteers have done stellar work in the former Carter Road Park to transform and maintain the terrain of the old phosphate mining operation into a great mountain bike trails destination.

All of this work is done by volunteers, who are spending hours of their free time to build new trails and exciting trail features, as well as maintaining the network of existing trails that require constant repairs after severe weather. Like all non-profit, volunteer trail organizations RRMBA depends on federal and state grants, local sponsorships, membership fees, and public donations to keep the trails in good standing.

LuvTrails was created for just that reason: to help these organizations receive more frequent donations from trail users. In most cases, trail groups have a relatively small membership that does all the trail work and organize fundraising events. In most cases, thousands of local residents and out-of-town visitors use the trails but never contribute to labor or cash. LuvTrails help fill that gap.

The LuvTrails mobile app, available on the App Store and Google Play Store, makes location-based micro-donations super easy. The App lists participating volunteer trail groups and via the phone’s geolocation capability locates the trail user and directs him/her to the relevant organization for a donation.

Users could also scan the LuvTrails trademarked green heart-shaped QR code at a trailhead and the App will direct them to the relevant trail group’s donation page in the App. To show their support they can donate on the spot to the group – no search or browsing needed.

Donations from as little as $5 to a maximum of $20 are paid directly to the trail group.

Arrie Rossouw, CEO and co-founder of LuvTrails, said the idea is that users of trails donate small amounts frequently wherever they ride. By doing so they contribute to the trails they ride everywhere, instead of just once a year or only to their local club where they ride most of the time.

The focus is also on the once-off out-of-town visitors and tourists riding the trails and who would never be in a position to contribute volunteer hours or by way of group membership.

“It is about time that the large majority (more than 90%) of trail users who never contribute to the construction and maintenance of trails start doing so everywhere they ride and enjoy trails. With our App there are no excuses not to make a contribution.

“We are super stoked to be one of RRMBA’s partners and hope to play a substantial supporting role in keeping the trail construction program going for many years to come,” said Rossouw.

RRMBA President Steve Spong said: “Ridge Riders is a 100% volunteer organization. Our 12+ miles of trails are maintained solely by our volunteers as we are only guests of the county that allow us use of this land.

“As one of three trails in the immediate area, it is a destination trail used by many visitors. By partnering with LuvTrails it provides a convenient way for visitors to give back by donating as a show of their appreciation for the efforts keeping the trails nice.

“We are excited about deepening the relationship with LuvTrails as more trail users become aware of what they stand for and how it benefits RRMBA,” said Spong.

New trail signage with the unique LuvTrails green QR code has been installed at Loyce Harpe trails this week.

Picture: New trails signage with LuvTrails App QR code at Loyce E. Harpe Park.

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