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Thank you for your donation – get rewarded

Figure 1 – Find Rewards on Trail Head page.

As a show of our appreciation, we are rewarding donors with a variety of products and services generously supplied by our Reward Partners, ranging from local merchants, like breweries, coffee shops, restaurants, and bike shops, to national retailers and corporations, focusing on outdoor and recreational merchandise and cycling related activities.

Available rewards are currently listed on the “Trailhead page” in the App. (Figure 1). We have great plans to grow the offering significantly in the coming months. So, visit the Trailhead page often to find new rewards.

How it works:

  1. In the case of rewards by online partners, the donor of a qualifying donation (e.g. $15 or more) gets notified by email of the reward and will receive a digital token to redeem during the online shopping process on the partner website. (Terms and conditions may apply). The great thing about an online partner reward is that you don’t even have to get on your bike to donate or collect the reward – it’s all happening from the comfort of your couch!
  2. Where a reward is offered by a local merchant (e.g. a free beer at the local microbrewery) the donor has to show proof of the qualifying donation by presenting the digital receipt in the “My Donations” page to the merchant. The redemption process may differ from merchant to merchant. In most cases, the cashier will tap the red coffee cup icon to redeem/cancel the reward. (Terms and conditions may apply). (Figure 2).

    Figure 2 – Tap on the coffee cup icon to redeem a reward

  3.  In the case of a reward at a local merchant (e.g. the nearest town to the trailhead), the location of the merchant could be found by tapping on the reward button in the App and getting directions in Google Maps – the shortest route to that cold beer!

Merchants who want to participate in the rewards program can contact us at [email protected]

For more information read here: How to join the LuvTrails Rewards Program


Our National Reward Partners:



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