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Donate generously to show appreciation

Next time you ride or hike a trail in a Park or on a paved multi-use urban trail use our App to identify the trail and make a donation directly to the owners or the people who diligently maintain it for all of us to enjoy. It is hard work and takes many free volunteer hours. To show your appreciation donate as little as a $5 to every trail you ride.

Get rewarded for your generosity

To show their appreciation local trail partners, like bike shops, coffee shops and breweries, have pitched in to reward LuvTRAILS App users for their show of loyalty and generosity and make your ride or hike even more fun and memorable. That is the spirit of LuvTRAILS. Read more about our Rewards Program.

What to do when you come across our green LuvTrails QR. Click here.

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Easy donations on the trail

We made it super easy for trail users to show support. It is up to trail owners and managers to add their trails to LuvTRAILS to receive the public’s generosity. CONTACT US today to SIGN UP

Scan the Heart Shaped QR Code
Select Donation amount
Donation completed on the mobile

Donation-per-mile on trails you ride

Each time you upload an activity to Strava we’ll process it and check if it matches the jurisdiction of any participating organizations. If it does, we’ll send you an email asking if you’d like to complete your donation. You choose the amount to donate based on your cents/mile setting. You can change it anytime, or opt out of donation emails altogether. It’s up to you. Get started.

Virtual Events

We now offer trail groups the ability to organize virtual (or digitally powered) events that could attract a global audience. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic thousands of essential fundraising events had to be cancelled worldwide with potentially devastating results for non-profit volunteer organizations. 

By enabling App users to link their GPS activities to Strava, and also provide groups the option to #geofence their events they can generate participation by a much wider virtual audience while still maintaining safe practices. Even without the need for physical distancing (post-pandemic) virtual events and competition can add exciting new ways for user participation and broaden the public funding base.  

For more information and on how to start your event, contact our team at [email protected] Let’s get started!

Membership or Pass Purchase

At an access controlled park or trail you scan the QR code presented and buy a Day, Week, Annual or Family Pass, if it is offered. In some cases Annual Membership of participating Advocacy Groups could be paid. A digital Receipt or QR Pass will be sent to your phone as prove of payment. 

Trail Venue has Passes listed
Select the date of the Pass
Liability Agreement from Venue
Personal information required by Venue
Pass stored on Mobile

Check In adds safety

Checking In to a trail is a free option. You get up to date information about local trails. And by Checking Out again you let your loved ones and trail owners know you are safe.  

Scan the QR code or use Geolocation
Set Check In Timer
Check Out

Download LuvTRAILS for free from your App Store

About us

We are based in scenic Fort Collins, in the shadows of the magnificent Colorado Rocky Mountains, with partner offices in Santa Barbara, CA, Harrisonburg, VA and Cape Town, South Africa.

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