LuvTrails SORBA Challenge

In partnership with SORBA, LuvTrails Events presents a virtual fundraising event in participating SORBA Chapters in the Southeastern states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. It is a seven-week-long virtual event to coincide with the SORBA Camp in April and National Bike Month in May 2023. It will last for 52 days and will allow participants to ride, run, hike, and walk as much as they like within the “geofenced” trails maintained by participating SORBA Chapters. When you sign up at and link your Strava account you also pledge an amount per mile as a donation to SORBA Chapters. After you record a ride on Strava (must be public), you are sent an email to confirm your donation for that ride. The number of miles you ride in 52 days multiplied by the amount you pledged per mile will determine the total donation at the end of the event. Everything comes down to the choice and effort of each individual participant and you have total control over your final donation. Lots of great prizes and rewards are on offer for the Top Donors and Most Miles completed.

1. Schedule

LuvTrails SORBA Challenge  – from 12:00 AM (EST) on 4/10 to 11:59 PM (EST) on 5/31.

The Challenge takes place anywhere within the geofenced areas of participating SORBA Chapters in the seven southeastern states.

There is NO registration fee. BUT in order to participate, you have to FIRST sign up at You can only participate in the Challenge by signing up, linking your Strava account and a credit/debit card, and pledging an amount per mile. Click here for a SETUP-guide.

Then ride within the geofenced area (see the Map above) and record your miles with Strava, or with the GPS device of your choice as long as you synchronize the data with Strava (any free account will do).

LuvTrails will keep a record of all your Strava activities during the Challenge and your name will appear on the Leaderboard below as you progress during the seven-week-long event.

In June category winners will be announced by SORBA and notified via email. Prize pickup is in June at a date and place to be announced.

For just signing up at or donating as little as $15 you receive exciting rewards from our three National LuvTrails Rewards Partners:

The Gear Attic
10% off just for signing up to Trailcare and 20% discount to those donating $15 or more.

Cognative MTB
20% off for donating $15 or more and 25% discount to those donating $20 or more.

Asheville Trails & Taps
10% off just for signing up and 20% discount on all guided mountain bike tours and 101 MTB skills training classes.

2. Rules

LuvTrails SORBA Challenge is an official fundraising event for Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association (SORBA). The event is based on Strava biking, running, hiking, and walking activities within the geofenced areas of the participating SORBA Chapters in the seven states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.


There is no official timing for this virtual event. Participation is based on the unique Trailcare geolocation tool tracking participants’ activities within the geofence and keeping a record of the distance every participant completed during the entire seven weeks (52 days) of April and May. It is in essence a distance-based event, but it also keeps track of each participant’s donations (after each activity) throughout the event. From midnight on April 10th, 2023 a leaderboard of all the donations pledged to individual SORBA Chapters will be displayed on the Trailcare pages (at, and a leaderboard of individual trail users’ total donations to all chapters will be displayed here on the LuvTrails Events page.  Donations are determined by multiplying the total miles completed x the amount pledged per mile. (Don’t worry Trailcare does this on the fly!)


All proceeds will go to support the participating SORBA Chapters’ trail maintenance fund and their myriad advocacy activities in their designated territories.


LuvTrails Events are free for all participants. It is free to register or sign up at The only “cost” to participants is the pledge they choose to donate per mile when they sign up. It can be anything from 1 cent to $100 or more per mile, depending on the ability to donate. The pledged amount can also be adjusted at any time during the event according to the participant’s circumstances.


There is NO registration fee. BUT in order to participate, you have to register at Follow five easy steps. Click here for a SETUP-guide.

IMPORTANT: You have to tick the box in the setup process (Step 2) that authorizes Strava to share your activity data (not personal data) with Trailcare during the event. Without that permission, a participant’s activities can NOT be recorded by Trailcare during the event. Also, your Strava activities must be set to public for you to appear on event leaderboards.

3. Prizes & Eligibility

Thanks to the generosity of event sponsors supportive of SORBA and trail advocacy–and their love for the cycling community of the Southeast–we’ll hand out great prizes to lots of participants, from top-notch cycling gear and accessories to substantial discounts at outdoor lifestyle stores.

Categories and Prizes:

To keep it simple we have only two categories and leaderboards:

TOP DONORS LEADERBOARD (total donation made by the end of the event)
1st) FOX Factory Fork of the winner’s choice. **
2nd) SORBA Shop Voucher worth $50.

3rd) Cognative MTB Gloves.
4th) LuvTrails Hat.

MOST MILES LEADERBOARD (cumulative over the 52 days)
1st) Cognative MTB Jersey – brand new design.
2nd) SORBA Shop Voucher worth $50.

3rd) LuvTrails Hat.
4th) Cognative MTB Gloves.

** The Fox Fork is the winner’s choice from the product list at, excluding Electronic and 40 Series products, and subject to availability.
*** Winners will receive an email confirming their prizes in June soon after the event.

Eligibility for Prizes:

To be eligible for leaderboard prizes a participant must donate at least $5 to any of the participating SORBA Chapters during the Challenge using Trailcare’s platform. If a participant finishes in the top 10 of both categories, then that participant will only receive the prize earned in the Top Donors Leaderboard. There’s no doubling up of prizes. The Most Miles Leaderboard will be adjusted accordingly at the conclusion of the event. The decision of the management of LuvTrails Events is final.
* Employees and contractors of LuvTrails-Trailcare are not eligible for prizes.

4. Other


Please take pictures of your activities, especially if it was fun doing it on the trails. Share it on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with the hashtags #trailcare #luvtrails #sorba #traildonations or #luvtrailsevents and your favorite local SORBA Chapter’s name (e.g. #sorbajax #pisgahsorba #mtbatlanta, etc). Your picture could feature below on this page or on our social media pages. We might just surprise you with a special reward for doing that from our many rewards partners. Keep the fun in the social family and spread the trail LUV.

GPS devices:

You have to link a free, basic Strava account if you don’t already have one. Remember, you don’t have to record your activities with the Strava app if you don’t want to. You can use your favorite non-Strava GPS device to record and just set up the device for automatic syncing with Strava. Every time you complete your ride your device will sync the data immediately with Strava and Trailcare will capture the data to populate the leaderboard and calculate your donation. Here is a GUIDE on how to sync your device with Strava.

5. Leaderboards

Most Miles

Top Donor






























About the Author

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Arrie is the CEO of LuvTrails, Inc, and is passionate about giving back to the many wonderful trails out there. He is also a journalist, marketer, product developer, and amateur cyclist.