2023 LuvTrails Top6 Donors

We have the Top 6 Donors of 2023!
The winners are (in order of their contributions):
1. James Williamson from Brevard, NC is the Top Donor in 2023 after coming in second in 2022.
2. Michael McQueen from Asheville, NC is runner-up, moving up from fifth in 2022.
3. Andrew Moffatt from Huntsville, AL came in third. His achievement is notable because he only signed up at Trailcare in April 2023.
4. Geoff Baker is from Bella Vista, AR and he knocked fellow Ozark native Nathan Forst from the local top donor throne.
5. Nathan Forst from Bentonville, AR, was the Top Donor in 2020, 2021 and 2022. He was finally dethroned by James Williamson.
6. Tim Basl from Asheville, NC doesn’t need any introduction. Last year he was third and the biggest donor in the first LuvTrails Challenge – Pisgah, held in partnership with Pisgah Area SORBA.
All of the Top 6 Donors are members of the exclusive LuvTrails Trailjar Club for donors who donated to three or more Trailcare-listed volunteer trail groups. In total, they contributed $3,972 to more than 25 volunteer trail organizations by riding their mountain bikes for more than 15,000 miles in 2023!
Over the last four years, the LuvTrails-Trailcare donor base has shifted ever so slightly from Arkansas and Arizona to North Carolina and Virginia. North Carolina has also become the first state to have 100% of their major volunteer trail organizations listed on the LuvTrails-Trailcare app. But we see a growing number of trail donors in California and, who knows, they could tip the scale to the West Coast in the next year or two.
Congratulations to the winners. Great job! You are an inspiration to us lesser trail users. 😊
Thank you to the other thousands of micro-donors using the app. We are looking forward to seeing more new faces on the donor list in 2024. Keep up the good deeds.
About the Author

Arrie Rossouw

Arrie is the CEO of LuvTrails, Inc, and is passionate about giving back to the many wonderful trails out there. He is also a journalist, marketer, product developer, and amateur cyclist.