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BELLA VISTA, AR – Ciara Logan loves the trails in Northwest Arkansas. She rides them almost daily, especially when it’s not so hot. When she’s out and about on her bike, she makes several stops – to take photos of recent trail work, document issues that need to be addressed, or help someone who is doing trail work.

TAP trail volunteers at work

Logan is the volunteer coordinator for Trailblazers and, as of 2022, the Trail Adoption Program coordinator. The Trail Adoption Program (TAP) is run by a group of local volunteers who use their free time to keep up a designated section of trail within one of a few trail systems in Northwest Arkansas, including the Back 40 and Little Sugar trails in Bella Vista.

The program is funded by donations and provides tools and equipment such as trimmers, string, gasoline and oil, rakes, loppers, and more. Volunteers are assigned a section, and on their own time, they can stop by the program’s storage unit and grab what they need then get to work. If in some cases the trail section that a person maintains is out their back door, they use their own equipment to do the work.

TAP uses the LuvTrails-Trailcare donation app to raise funds for their maintenance work. Read the interview with Logan first published in The Weekly Vista.

For information about how Trailcare per-mile donations work and to sign up, visit Trailcare.

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Arrie is the CEO of LuvTrails, Inc, and is passionate about giving back to the many wonderful trails out there. He is also a journalist, marketer, product developer, and amateur cyclist.