LuvTrails Mobile App starts a revolution in trail donations

LUVTRAILS, the Mobile App that could revolutionize public funding for bike and hiking trails, as well as access to state and national parks, has launched in Fort Collins, Colorado.
With the beta release of the App in the App Store and Google Play Store an exciting project is launched to help land owners and the thousands of volunteer trail builders to receive more funding for trails in national, state and city parks.
LuvTrails (“for the love of trails”) is a dedicated donations App linked to mountain bike and hiking trails, and will eventually also benefit the millions of miles of multi-use urban and country trails all over the United States.
By registering their trails on the App land owners and local trail builders could solicit micro-donations, from as small as $5, from the users of their trails while they are enjoying it. By scanning a QR code at trail heads the App user can donate small amounts to those specific trails. In return they will get rewarded for their contributions by local and national retail partners and supporters of parks and trails.
LuvTrails CEO, Arrie Rossouw, had this vision of supporting trails via a mobile app last year when he noticed the pressure building on federal and state land owners and managers to find alternative funding for their work as a result of drastic cuts in federal and state funding in the future.
“A dedicated Mobile App to make donations easy and dedicate personal funds to the trails one enjoys and supports was seen as an alternative solution for this problem. LuvTrails also establishes a new donations focused ecosystem and public network with unique features that would make ‘giving to a good cause’ exciting again,” he said.
By offering loyalty or “grateful” rewards in the App donors, and offering them the opportunity to share their good deeds with family and friends and challenge them to do so as well, LuvTrails hope to make donations “cool” again and support the wonderful work done by thousands of volunteers to keep up with this work and create more facilities for the public to enjoy.
Rossouw said they are in talks with Boulder, Colorado based International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) to adopt and use the App in its more than 200 chapters and clubs countrywide to support its trail building efforts and advocacy activities.
The aim is to list most trails in the United States and create a “super-app” that users could use anywhere to donate local and frequently. LuvTrails invite the public to download the free App and encourage their local trail owners and mountain bike clubs to list their trails.
For more information visit LuvTrails website.

About the Author

Arrie Rossouw

Arrie is the CEO of LuvTrails, Inc, and is passionate about giving back to the many wonderful trails out there. He is also a journalist, marketer, product developer, and amateur cyclist.