LuvTrails partners with FCRC for Horsetooth Half Marathon

FORT COLLINS, CO – Fort Collins Running Club (FCRC) has partnered with LuvTrails-Trailcare during the Horsetooth Half Marathon (HTH) on April 10, 2022. Participants can pick an amount per mile that they want to donate (anything from a penny to $100, if you want!). All money raised directly supports the FCRC.

FCRC has set up the app with LuvTrails so that they can continue to offer as many club benefits as possible from member breakfasts, marathon training groups, new summer track meets, incentives like Frost points, and more. Please know that all donations are appreciated and helpful, but never expected.

Now, you might ask, what does LuvTrails do?

They make it super easy for Strava users to support the trails they use by enabling fast, easy and fun micro-donations.

Each time you upload an activity to Strava they process it and check if it matches the jurisdiction of any participating organizations (such as the FCRC). If it does, they’ll send you an email asking if you’d like to complete your donation.

You choose the amount to donate based on your cents/mile setting. You can change it anytime, or opt out of donation emails altogether. It’s up to you.

They’ll never make donations on your behalf without your explicit permission, so there’s no commitment when you sign up. You can even use this feature without a credit card: they’ll still tell you how many miles you’ve gone on your route.

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To get started donating per mile to FCRC during the HTH, click here and follow a few easy steps. And, after you register, let friends know on social media with hashtags #hth #horsetoothhalf #fcrc #luvtrails #trailcare #fortcollinsrunningclub

While it might appear that LuvTrails is geared towards cycling, they do cater to all outdoor activities!

Read the original FCRC blog posting here.

About the Author

Arrie Rossouw

Arrie is the CEO of LuvTrails, Inc, and is passionate about giving back to the many wonderful trails out there. He is also a journalist, marketer, product developer, and amateur cyclist.