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LUVTRAILS EVENTS is a geolocation-based solution for fundraising by promoting and supporting outdoor sports events. We organize and partner with “virtual” fundraising events to benefit non-profit trail groups and related charitable organizations.     Strava


LuvTrails Trailblazers Challenge

A month-long fundraising event by Trailblazers of Bentonville, AR for its volunteer Trail Adoption Program (TAP) maintaining the hundreds of miles of trails in and around the cities of Bentonville, Bella Vista, and Rogers, AR. It encourages trail users to use the Strava-linked Trailcare tool for per-mile donations. The event starts on 4/1/23 and ends at midnight on 4/30/23.

LuvTrails SORBA Challenge

A 52-day long fundraising event by SORBA for all its participating Chapters in the seven Southeastern states. It encourages trail users of SORBA-maintained trails to use the Strava-linked Trailcare tool for per-mile donations. The event starts on 4/10/23 and ends at midnight on 5/31/23.


A 10-day long fundraising event for 10-year old Hewitt Sluyter of Springdale, AR, who was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer. The money will be used to cover his medical and recovery costs. Volunteer groups Trailblazers and OORC are hosting the fundraising campaign on Trailcare.

LuvTrails Challenge - Pisgah

A month-long virtual fundraising event for Pisgah Area SORBA. It is the first official event organized and promoted by LuvTrails Events to help non-profit volunteer trail organizations with fundraising for their trail maintenance work.

Pisgah National Forest (Pisgah Ranger District)

In partnership with Pisgah Area SORBA (PAS) LuvTrails Events will present its first official virtual fundraising event in the Pisgah National Forest and Bent Creek Experimental Forest west of Asheville, NC. It is a month-long virtual event to coincide with Bike Month from 5/1/2022 to 5/31/2022.

LuvTrails Challenge - Pisgah

In partnership with Pisgah Area SORBA (PAS) LuvTrails Events will present its first official virtual fundraising event in the Pisgah National Forest and Bent Creek Experimental Forest west of Asheville, NC. It is a month-long virtual event to coincide with Bike Month from 5/1/2022 to 5/31/2022.

Bent Creek Experimental Forest

During the month of May 2022 participants in the LuvTrails Challenge - Pisgah can ride as much as they like within the geofenced area of Pisgah National Forest (Pisgah Ranger District), Bent Creek Experimental Forest and Richmond Hill Park, NC

National Bike Month with AOB

A month-long virtual fundraising event for Asheville on Bikes. It is the second official event organized and promoted by LuvTrails Events to help non-profit volunteer trail organizations with fundraising for their trail maintenance work.

Bike Month with Asheville on Bikes

Ride the city streets and bike trails of Asheville, NC during the month of May 2022 - a fundraising event to benefit Asheville on Bikes.


LuvTrails and SORBA partners for fundraising challenge 04/02/2023

FORT COLLINS, CO – LuvTrails-Trailcare and the Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association (SORBA) have partnered to bring the SORBA & LuvTrails Challenge this Spring. From April 10th until May 31st participants can ride and donate to participating SORBA chapters to increase their chances of winning. This is a seven-week-long virtual event to coincide with the SORBA

TOP6 Donors of 2022 announced 01/06/2023

FORT COLLINS, CO – It is a huge honor to announce the TOP6 Donors of the past year on the LuvTrails mobile app and the Trailcare per-mile donation platform. In the order of the size of their total annual donation to listed volunteer trail organizations, they were: 1. Nathan Forst of Bentonville, AR. 2. James Williamson

Trailcare sign-up video now available on YouTube 09/20/2022

JOINING Trailcare means giving trail users an easy and fun way to donate to a volunteer trail organization. LuvTrails-Trailcare believes that micro-donations directly tied to use (i.e after a ride or run or hike) are a superior, or at least alternative, model to the traditional methods of mailing checks or finding obscure PayPal buttons on

LuvTrails’ micro-donations is a no-brainer, says Narburgh 09/14/2022

HENDERSONVILLE, NC –   “We call them micro-donations and it doesn’t sound like a lot… But if everyone that rides our trails over a weekend donates just $5 that would be magical.”  Wise words by Natalie Narburgh, first full-time executive director of Pisgah Area SORBA (PAS) in Brevard, NC. During the interview, McQueen asked Narburgh about

Logan wants people to ‘Luv’ trails 07/27/2022

  BELLA VISTA, AR – Ciara Logan loves the trails in Northwest Arkansas. She rides them almost daily, especially when it’s not so hot. When she’s out and about on her bike, she makes several stops – to take photos of recent trail work, document issues that need to be addressed, or help someone who

Rossouw and Moran talk to Pisgah Podcast about per-mile donations 05/04/2022

ASHEVILLE, NC. – Arrie Rossouw, CEO, and Hugh Moran, Southeast Regional Manager, sat down with Pisgah Podcast to give the details on their micro-localized trail donation platform, LuvTrails-Trailcare. Ride wherever, use your Strava, and with a predetermined amount pledged per mile, you can give back to those that brought you that fun ride. If you

LuvTrails joins Asheville on Bikes for a month-long fundraising event 04/27/2022

ASHEVILLE, NC – LuvTrails-Trailcare of Fort Collins, CO, has partnered with the non-profit bike advocacy organization, Asheville on Bikes (AoB) of Asheville, NC, to host LuvTrails Challenge – Asheville City, a fundraising event during the month of May that will utilize Trailcare, a geolocation-based donation platform. The company’s unique Strava-linked Trailcare donation tool allows event

LuvTrails joins Pisgah Area SORBA for a month-long fundraising event 04/20/2022

BREVARD, NC – LuvTrails-Trailcare of Fort Collins, CO, has partnered with the non-profit volunteer trail group, Pisgah Area SORBA (PAS) of Brevard, NC, to host LuvTrails Challenge – Pisgah, a fundraising event during the month of May that will utilize Trailcare, a geolocation-based donation platform. The company’s unique Strava-linked Trailcare donation tool allows event participants to

LuvTrails partners with Asheville urban cycling advocacy group 04/19/2022

ASHEVILLE, NC – LuvTrails-Trailcare of Fort Collins, CO, and Asheville on Bikes of Asheville, NC have concluded a partnership to generate more funds for the cycling organization’s bike advocacy work and projects in Asheville. It is the first partnership of its kind where an urban bike advocacy organization will use LuvTrails’ unique geofencing tool to

LuvTrails partners with FCRC for Horsetooth Half Marathon 03/21/2022

FORT COLLINS, CO – Fort Collins Running Club (FCRC) has partnered with LuvTrails-Trailcare during the Horsetooth Half Marathon (HTH) on April 10, 2022. Participants can pick an amount per mile that they want to donate (anything from a penny to $100, if you want!). All money raised directly supports the FCRC. FCRC has set up

WNC guided bike tours now on LuvTrails-Trailcare rewards menu 02/18/2022

ASHEVILLE, NC. – One of the positive effects of the Covid pandemic is the way it pushed people to explore local and far-away outdoor recreation opportunities. Local urban and soft-surface mountain trails were the big “beneficiaries” of this push, not to mention the outdoor gear and bicycle industry. But it also had a pull-factor: the

TORC partnership expands per-mile donations from Triad to Triangle 02/10/2022

CHAPEL HILL, NC – Trail users – mountain bikers, runners, hikers, walkers, equestrians – of the Piedmont Triad and Central North Carolina metropolitan areas now have a tool in their hands to donate directly to the most active non-profit, volunteer trail organizations in the region. This comes with the conclusion of the latest partnership between

LuvTrails partners with Gear Attic for exciting donor rewards 01/27/2022

FORT COLLINS, CO –  There’s a new kid on the LuvTrails block and it promises to change the micro-donation landscape quite dramatically. At the start of the new year, the popular online store, The Gear Attic (, has partnered with LuvTrails-Trailcare – the only micro-donation application for actual trail users – to offer a great

Moran joins LuvTrails Team 01/07/2022

FORT COLLINS, CO – We are very happy to announce the appointment of avid cyclist and cycling advocate, Hugh Moran, to the national LuvTrails-Trailcare team. Hugh, who lives in Bent Creek, NC started out in road cycling as a professional cyclist for multiple teams and was head cycling coach at Mars Hill University for several

Congratulations to our LuvTrails-Trailcare 2021 Top6 Donors 01/06/2022

FORT COLLINS, CO – Congratulations to our #TOP6 donors of 2021! For the second year in a row Nathan Forst of Bentonville, AR is our Top Donor. Congratulations, Nathan! Thank you for your huge contribution to keeping the much-needed volunteer trail work going. Most of his donations went to his home club FAST Group –

Showing the Luv to Your Mountain Bike Trails and Trail Builders 09/27/2021

Fort Collins – A great interview by Jeff Barber, CEO of, with Arrie Rossouw, co-founder and CEO of LuvTrails and Trailcare, an online and mobile platform helping groups raise funds for trail building and maintenance. Joining him is Jeremiah Bishop, a professional cyclist with countless major wins in short track, marathon, and ultra-endurance racing, and a

LuvTrails, Singletracks partner to benefit trail volunteer groups 04/02/2021

FORT COLLINS, CO. – Singletracks has partnered with LuvTrails-Trail Care to make it easier for mountain bikers to support trail builders and maintainers financially. Trail Care helps clubs around the USA collect donations, with 100% of proceeds after credit card fees going directly to the clubs that keep trails open. The Trail Care website can

LuvTrails launch ‘Segments’ as essential tool for trail management 08/18/2020

FORT COLLINS, CO – Have you ever rode on a beautifully constructed mountain bike trail or ran through pristine landscapes and wondered how many of your fellow trail users enjoy it as much as you? Then, in recent months due to COVID-19, you saw thousands of more people flocking to those trails and you experienced

Arizona’s MTB mecca now #geofenced for donations 08/07/2020

Prescott, AZ – Talk to any avid mountain biker and mention the names Sedona and Prescott their faces light up. These towns are known by many – even far beyond the borders of the United States – as the mountain bike mecca of the Southwest. Thousands of mountain bike enthusiasts annually travel to Sedona to

Bentonville’s FAST launches LuvTrails App for trail funding 06/17/2020

BENTONVILLE – With Northwestern Arkansas fast becoming the new mecca of multi-use bike trails and increased pressure on funding for maintenance of the vast trail network, the help of LuvTrails was called in to tap into the growing local and visiting trail user community for resources. Friends of Arkansas Singletrack (FAST), the dynamic, non-profit volunteer

Singletracks’ great review of LuvTrails-Trail Care platform 01/23/2020

Luv Trails Makes it Easy (to Remember) to Financially Support the Trails You Ride

Colorado getting in on the micro-donation act with LuvTrails 12/23/2019

FORT COLLINS, CO – Northern Colorado mountain bikers are getting in on the micro-donation act with the latest partnership agreement between LuvTrails/Trail Care and Colorado Mountain Bike Association (COMBA). Combined with existing agreements with Boulder Mountainbike Alliance (BMA) and Overland Mountain Bike Association (OMBA), Northern Colorado is fast becoming the center of the new trend

LuvTrails and Trail Care merge their micro-donation platforms 12/12/2019

FORT COLLINS, CO – LuvTrails and Trail Care, two of the most innovative micro-donation startups, have agreed to merge their geolocation-based donation platforms and trade under the LuvTrails brand. The Fort Collins, CO-based LuvTrails launched its mobile app last April to assist volunteer trail organizations to receive donations, while the Santa Barbara, CA-based Trail Care

LuvTrails and Lakeland trail group announce new donations campaign 09/25/2019

FORT COLLINS, CO – LuvTrails Inc. and Ridge Riders Mountain Bike Association (RRMBA) of Lakeland, FL have announced a partnership to help to fund the non-profit volunteer group’s activities at Loyce E. Harpe County Park. Ridge Riders volunteers have done stellar work in the former Carter Road Park to transform and maintain the terrain of

LuvTrails and Cognative MTB put the fun in trail donations 08/07/2019

FORT COLLINS, CO – LuvTrails, the Mobile App which is revolutionizing trail donations and paying for trail access, has now embarked on ways to making the trail donation experience fun and rewarding too. The Fort Collins, CO-based LuvTrails Inc has announced its first national partnership with Hendersonville, NC-based Cognative MTB, a startup online store that

Shenandoah MTB Coalition makes Day Pass sales super easy 07/09/2019

HARRISONBURG, VA – Shenandoah Valley Mountain Bike Coalition (SVBC) announced exciting news for summer visitors to their mountain bike trails on the western slope of Massanutten Mountain.  Day Passes to ride the trails can now be bought with the LuvTrails mobile app, reducing the current cumbersome paper-based process to a few easy taps on a

LuvTrails partner with Roanoke volunteers to fund bike park 05/02/2019

ROANOKE, VA – On Thursday, April 25 Roanoke Parks and Recreation, along with Star City Cycling and Roanoke Outside, hosted a ribbon cutting for the new beginner mountain biking trail at Morningside Park. While there are still some finishing touches to add, the trail is considered substantially complete and is open to riders and hikers.

LuvTrails and MTB Atlanta partner to make trail donations easy 03/23/2019

LUVTRAILS and MTB Atlanta have joined forces to help the club in its trail funding efforts. This weekend was the kick-off of that partnership with MTB Atlanta and the City of Atlanta Department of Parks and Recreation ribbon cutting celebration event at Southside Park, Atlanta, GA. The opening of the Poole Creek Bridge and the

Senate Passes Catch-All Lands Bill 02/13/2019

THE U.S. Senate overwhelmingly passed landmark legislation Tuesday (2/12/19) to expand recreation access and conserve public lands nationwide. Passage of the Natural Resources Act stood out not just because it tackled a big challenge — the permanent authorization of the popular Land and Water Conservation Fund — but also because of the strength of bipartisan

Trail Funding Part I: How MTB Organizations Raise Money 12/13/2018

By Matt Miller WE all wish trails, like money, would appear out of thin air. But it doesn’t work like that. Trails take time and money to build, and money takes time and effort to acquire. Like any good cause, fundraising for trails happens when a group of people come together to raise awareness and

Trail Funding Part II: How Trail Organizations Spend Money 12/13/2018

By Matt Miller IT’S not always easy to give up our hard-earned dollars to pay for trail organization memberships. Unlike buying a subscription service, the result of buying into trails is less immediate. Every new membership does not guarantee a new trail. Rather it is a drop in the bucket… in a bucket where every

Cycling community advocating for LWCF in Washington, D.C. 11/29/2018

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Thursday, November 29, 22 members of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) will meet with Congressional leaders, to emphasize the critical importance of fully funding and permanently renewing the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). The group includes IMBA Board members, leaders of IMBA Chapter Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts (MORE) and high

Show trails you love’m with LuvTrails App 11/22/2018

By Kyle Inman Roanoke, VA – So you just finished a ride on new-to-you amazing trails, trails bearing signs of obvious hard work at the hands and McCleods of diligent volunteer stewards. You’d love to volunteer, but you’re just passing through. Even were you local, spare time is tough commodity to negotiate. LuvTrails, an app

MTB groups lock horns in push to roll back protections for public land 12/19/2017

WASHINGTON – When their vision of creating a scenic cycling trail through a protected alpine backcountry hit a snag, San Diego area mountain bikers turned to an unlikely ally: congressional Republicans aiming to dilute conservation laws. The frustrations of the San Diego cycling group and a handful of similar organizations are providing tailwind to the

House committee passes bill on bikes in Wilderness Areas 12/15/2017

WASHINGTON — The House Natural Resources Committee on Wednesday passed HR 1349, legislation that would let local land managers decide if bikes and other human-powered vehicles are allowed in Wilderness Areas. The bill, which passed the committee in a 22-18 vote, now heads to a full House vote. The International Mountain Bicycling Association does not

LuvTrails Mobile App starts a revolution in trail donations 11/16/2017

LUVTRAILS, the Mobile App that could revolutionize public funding for bike and hiking trails, as well as access to state and national parks, has launched in Fort Collins, Colorado. With the beta release of the App in the App Store and Google Play Store an exciting project is launched to help land owners and the