LuvTrails and Cognative MTB put the fun in trail donations

FORT COLLINS, CO – LuvTrails, the Mobile App which is revolutionizing trail donations and paying for trail access, has now embarked on ways to making the trail donation experience fun and rewarding too.

The Fort Collins, CO-based LuvTrails Inc has announced its first national partnership with Hendersonville, NC-based Cognative MTB, a startup online store that focuses its merchandise on the outdoors, and mountain biking specifically.

The agreement allows LuvTrails to reward trail users that donate to nonprofit, volunteer trail organizations in the App with tiered discounts when they buy from CognativeMTB online store (  For as little as a $10 donation to a listed volunteer trail group, the donor could earn a 10% discount on the total sale at the online store.

For now, a maximum discount of 20% on a total sale is offered (for a donation of $20). But Cognative MTB has been really generous and has agreed to ship all orders for free anywhere in the lower-48 US states. In addition, it is committed to giving a portion of every sale back to the local trail organization.

Cognative Founder Austin Bankert said the mission and vision of their company are to inspire you to drop everything and go ride your favorite trails and plan new adventures. “Our apparel is designed with this in mind and features ride area based designs and outdoor-inspired collections. We strive to bring awareness to all of the amazing places to ride out there and encourage you to get involved with and give back to your local trails.”

At the core of the company is the give-back program. “We donate from every sale back into the trails we all love, so a partnership with LuvTrails was a no brainer. We are pleased to partner with them to care for our nation’s trails and bring awareness to the amazing places to ride,” he said.

The LuvTrails App (iOS and Android) was launched last May and is still in beta. It was developed to help local non-profit trail organizations to get more donations from users of their trails to help fund the volunteer work they do year-round on public and private land. More than fifty trail venues are already listed, and new ones are added weekly.

The App lists participating trail organizations and alert users to local trails with the help of the geolocation function of the mobile phone. It then links those trails to the local trail organization which is responsible for its building and maintenance. The donations, from as little as $5 go directly to the beneficiary organization.

LuvTrails CEO Arrie Rossouw said the partnership with Cognative MTB adds a fun element to trail donations. “Not only do we enable trail users to donate small amounts directly to the trail organizations to reward them for their hard work, but we also reward the generous donors for their good deed.”

“By rewarding donors for their good deeds, we hope to encourage more trail users to donate while they are on the trails or have just enjoyed a ride and feel good about their experience. The bottom line is that we make donations fun and we want people to contribute regularly to help keep trails accessible to the public,” he said.

The company is in talks with local retail partners like bike shops, coffee shops, restaurants and breweries to offer rewards in the towns nearest to the many popular mountain bike trails already listed.

“We would love to see trail users donate at the trailhead and go straight to the local rewards partner in town to enjoy their reward, whether it’s a free beer or pizza or to get the new bike part, ” Rossouw said.

The first rewards partner in their hometown of Fort Collins will be listed in the App shortly. Keep an eye out for that free beer offer at your local brewpub!

About the Author

Arrie Rossouw

Arrie is the CEO of LuvTrails, Inc, and is passionate about giving back to the many wonderful trails out there. He is also a journalist, marketer, product developer, and amateur cyclist.